Dean Batstone

A veteran of the Canadian Music scene, having performed full time across Canada and The US for over 30 years, Dean Batstone has been based in New York state since 2007. A charismatic live performer who works solo or with a band, he has recorded 11 full length albums with some of the most iconic musicians in America.His most recent double release of 2 CD’s, ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Broken’, is witness to his prolific nature and measurable talent.

He has been covered by, or has co-written with, numerous artists and has received high praise from the industry, his peers and the press. His song ‘Love Don’t Happen Every Time’ from his earlier release ‘Lonely In America’, chosen by the learned panel for 2014’s International Songwriting Contest finalists in the A/C category, simultaneously charted on the US A/C Pop Independent radio charts at number 37, after entering the charts at #144, while Dean also charted with a song he co-wrote and produced for New York singer Lucy Bonilla, which recently peaked at #24 on the same charts.