Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson

“Once you have had a chance to see Bryson perform (or hear one of his records), you begin to understand why people adore him. Basically, there’s no forgetting the experience.” – FESTIVAL PEAK

Jim Bryson is one of the finest songwriters working anywhere today. A true master of his craft, he has patiently built a generous and wonderful body of work over the last 20 years, all leading to his brilliant new record,Somewhere We Will Find Our Place. Jim’s lyrics and melodies are profound and perfectly wrought little avant-garde fictions that expand and deepen with repeated listens. They will put down a foundation in your brain, build a house for them to live in. They will make you notice, make you sing, provide good company, challenge, comfort and inspire. The songs on Somewhere We Will Find Our Place are especially superb, each a gem, a world, and with the wondrous and deft production of Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Happiness Project) and the exceptional mixing of Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes), Jim Bryson has made a beautiful, career – defining, masterpiece of a record.  – John K Samson

“It’s the kind of album that demands listener engagement, and, like a good Canadian quilt (albeit a modern one, with bright and busy, abstract geometric patterns) offers comfort and solace.” — Exclaim!

“Somewhere We Will Find Our Place – Bryson’s fifth solo album – is a laid-back, songwriter’s record, and it grows stronger with every listen.” — THE REVUE

On ‘Stuck in the Middle’ Jim asks the listener “aren’t we all a little stuck in the middle?” And with that seemingly innocuous question comes the essence of what Somewhere We Will Find Our Place is about. Jim invites the listener into his own ruminations of his inner voices and outward manifestations. The songs of Somewhere We Will Find Our Place are fearless in their pursuit of honesty. It is perhaps the irony that the comfort and solace in the songs come from their rawness and subtle truths. Like in ‘Changing Scenery’, Jim declares “it became you against me instead of you and me against the world.” To bring this record to life, Jim elicited the help of Charles Spearin to flesh out and rethink how songs would and could be presented. It sounds fairly routine a procedure, but a procedure that accounts for much of what sounds fresh and alive on the is recording.

“Somewhere We Will Find Our Place is a diverse medley of influences, rhythms, instruments and voices, capable of intriguing and exciting its listeners throughout the duration of its ten beautifully unique songs.” — GEYSER MUSIC

Jim Bryson lives in Stittsville, Ontario in a bungalow with Lisa and his two daughters . This is also where he spends of his days producing records in his Fixed Hinge studio: a building he built and continues to adapt with the help of friends old and new. Somewhere We Will Our Place is Jim’s fifth studio album and the first since 2010’s The Falcon Lake Incident. Jim has made music with many fine folks in the past, including Kathleen Edwards, The Tragically Hip, The Weakerthans, Howe Gelb and Oh Susannah.

Jim Bryson will perform at the McDonald’s Corners Agricultural Hall on Friday September 30th at 7:30PM and at the Firehall Theatre in Gananoque on Saturday October 1st at 7:30PM.

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