Burritt’s Rapids

Burritt's Rapids Community HallBurritt’s Rapids Community Hall

When John French built a general store in the bustling hamlet of Burritt’s Rapids in 1855, he could not have imagined the crucial role this building would play in the life of his town.

In 1935, after changing hands many times, the building became the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall. In 1986, with funds donated by local citizens and businesses, building materials provided by the production company that filmed Nicholas Cage’s Boy in Blue in Burritt’s Rapids, and with a roof installed by a volunteer group who proclaimed themselves “The Geriatric Builders,” an extension was added to the hall.

Today, nestled on an island between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River, the historic building is indispensable to the community. It is where people gather to celebrate weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. It is where people came together during the 1998 ice storm, and where they continue to meet for community fundraisers, concerts, potlucks, exercise classes, seniors’ groups, rug-hooking groups, life-drawing classes, and more. What started as a simple general store has turned into the heart of a vibrant community and one of the main reasons people are proud to call Burritt’s Rapids home.

Birds of Chicago will perform at the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall with Mia Kelly on Sunday October 1st at 3:00 PM. This show is sold out.



At last, here’s the most remarkable menu – hands down – you will experience all year, from our friends at THE CRUSTY BAKERS: A thematic homage to street food inspired by stereotypes of Chicago cuisine, current trends in the Chicago food scene, and bird/food puns based on our main musical act BIRDS OF CHICAGO.
Post-show tapas tickets (choice of 3 plates + dessert) for $25. Book now by emailing andrea@habicurious.com. Payment will be made BY CASH at the door day of the show.


Spicy Zucchini & poblano fritter with avocado ice cream, slaw, and heirloom tomato jam
Bird Dog
Local artisan sausage on a seedy buttermilk bun with foie gras croquettes, pickles, sweet red onions and ball park mustard
4 & 20 Blackbirds
Empanadas with curtido
(South American hand pies with fermented local vegetable slaw)
Fowl Ball
Duck confit meatballs with noodles, olive oil, wine, herbs, cracked black pepper, pecorino romano
The Owl & the Pussycat
Spicy sesame herbed falafel with a green pea and goat feta crema, radish sprouts, and a honey-mint-quince compote
The Unladen Swallow
Bourbon smoked pheasant tacos with spicy candied pecans and pickled pumpkin
The Pecking Order (dessert will be plated with two small desserts for everyone)
– The love nest-mini pavlova
– The Hummingbird – dense chocolate cake using locally crafted-award winning hummingbird chocolate

23 Grenville Street, Burritt’s Rapids, Ontario.

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