Red Brick School

The Red Brick School, Elgin

The Elgin Red Brick School opened its doors in 1887 as a two-room schoolhouse serving the village of Elgin and the surrounding area. For 77 years, Elgin-area children were educated there. In 1964, the building ended its life as a school but continued to serve the community as a seniors’ meeting hall and as a change house for the adjacent village rink. In the 1990s, due to outdated electrical, plumbing, and structural issues, it was deemed unfit for public use. However, in 2003, a caring community group, later to organize themselves as the Elgin and Area Heritage Society (EAHS), rallied their forces and saved the Red Brick School from demolition. Since then, the EAHS has worked tirelessly to restore the schoolhouse to its original state. With its unique architectural features highlighted by its iconic windows, the school was designated an Ontario Heritage Site in 2006.

Red Brick Schoolhouse - Interior 1Today, the Red Brick School is used as a venue for many historical and cultural events, including an annual spelling bee, guest speakers, pub nights, formal teas, book readings, open houses, and displays. Especially, though, it is a site for today’s students to participate in a living history event, in which they experience a typical school day in a circa-1900 classroom.

Website: http://www.twprideaulakes.on.ca/heritage/society-eahs.html


3 Hallady Street, Elgin, Ontario.