St. James Roman Catholic Church

St.James Catholic Church, Maxville

In 1909, St. James Roman Catholic Church was built—with cement blocks made by hand. The church was finished in time for Christmas and, by the light of gas lamps and the warmth of a wood stove, Father Ranald MacDonald, who named the church after his father, led the community in a Christmas Eve Mass.

Over the years, St. James has received a few facelifts and welcomed many new faces from the community and beyond, especially during Maxville’s world-famous annual Glengarry Highland Games. Another popular event, Musicfest, unites St. James with the other three churches in town, as Maxville’s four places of worship welcome music lovers to enjoy concerts in historically-rich buildings with incredible acoustics.

2016 marked the 125th anniversary of the community of Maxville. As for St. James, it is celebrating 108 years, and those original handmade cement-block walls are still standing strong.


14 Catherine St. East. Maxville, Ontario.