The Once at Merrickville United Church

Join us on Thursday December 7th for a special Christmas show featuring The Once from Newfoundland at the Merrickville United Church. The show will be hosted in partnership with the Merrickville Artists’ Guild.

A modern indie folk trio from Newfoundland, The Once has collected a trio of Canadian Folk Music Awards, numerous ECMA awards, was named Artist of the Year by the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council. They have earned not one, but two JUNO nominations for best Roots/Traditional album, the most recent in acknowledgement of Departures (2014). While originally known for its haunting interpretations of traditional music, The Once has at long last uncovered a sound that truly represents their inner artistry.

Online tickets are now sold out. Limited tickets are available to purchase locally at Mrs. McGarrigles located at 311 St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville, Ontario.





Merrickville United Church

The Merrickville United Church opened its doors as a Methodist church in 1890. All of the materials used in its construction, including wood, iron, tin, and limestone, were provided locally, and the work was done by local craftspeople. The cast-iron ends that support the pews, for example, were built at the Percival Plough Foundry, which still exists today under different ownership. The pews themselves were built on the spot, curving around the sanctuary and sloping gently down to the front of the church. The pew cushions were sewn by the ladies of the church with fabric they bought for ninety cents a yard using money raised through ice cream socials. The total cost of the church—$1,600—was completely paid off, no debts owing, by its original 350 members.

Some changes have been made over the years. The original steeple, whose bell warned the town of emergencies and called church families to Sunday worship, was replaced after being destroyed by fire in the 1940s. What has endured is the simple, clean Craftsman Style of the building that reflects the space’s original Methodist philosophy. The design also makes for incredible acoustics, which is why the church has been a favourite venue for choir concerts or other musical performances.

100 St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville, Ontario.