Pembroke Festival Hall

Pembroke Festival HallPembroke’s Festival Hall Centre for the Arts is the largest performing arts centre in the Ottawa Valley. Through theatre, music, dance, storytelling, comedy, visual arts, and educational programming, Festival Hall fosters artistic and historic awareness. The hall’s 600 seats are regularly filled with locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds who have been drawn to Pembroke by the high calibre of Festival Hall’s offerings.

In 2012, actor, comedian, writer and producer Rick Wharton spearheaded the revival of this 37-year-old hall with physical improvements to the building, a new artistic vision, and a tenfold increase in the hall’s events. Since 2012, the hall has hosted over 55,000 theatre patrons for hundreds of productions that reflect the rich cultural diversity of the Ottawa Valley. Home to the Streetlight Theatre Company, Pembroke Symphony Orchestra, Kiwanis Music Festival, UTurn, and the Sears Drama Festival, Pembroke’s Festival Hall plays a crucial role in celebrating and contributing to the cultural spirit of the community.

Pembroke Festival Hall - Interior 3

401 Isabella Steet. Pembroke, Ontario.

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