The Station – Valley Heritage Radio

Valley Heritage Radio

Valley Heritage Radio is the Ottawa Valley’s first non-profit, community-run, full-powered English-language radio station. For the past ten years, from turntables and tape decks, the station has been playing a wide range of music—from gospel to Celtic, bluegrass to Polish—and a healthy dose of “Valley” music and tales. The 13,000-watt broadcast signal covers the majority of the Ottawa Valley, while the world is served via live Internet streaming, but the actual studio is located just east of Renfrew, in Horton Township. Specifically, it broadcasts from the old Mack MacKenzie auto body shop, which, in the 1950s and 60s, was the site of the Jack Russell Drive-In Theatre.

Valley Heritage Radio moved into the building in 2007, adding studios and a stage donated by Thomas Cavanagh Construction. The Cavanagh Stage allows the station to host live music and live-to-air events, such as old-time radio shows. As a finishing touch on the renovations, the station has been decorated with pieces of Ottawa Valley music memorabilia and heritage items that serve the dual purpose of looking good and preserving Valley culture.

3009 Burnstown Rd, Renfrew, Ontario.