Lombardy Agricultural Hall

The attractive white buildings and those bright orange roofs at the Lombardy Agricultural Hall have become a local landmark for area residents, as well as travelers on Hwy. 15. They signal community and celebration, housing countless events for more than three decades – from art shows to wedding receptions and from bake sales to dances.

The Lombardy Agricultural Society hosts The Lombardy Fair as a main event every year, occurring always on the August long weekend. The Society also works with local charities, and leases its facilities for both private and public use.

In the 32 years at this location, the Lombardy Agricultural Fair has grown and expanded to act as a benchmark for other fairs in Ontario. The Lombardy Fair has set high standards for itself and will continue to provide country hospitality, entertainment, and agricultural education, for the whole family, whether they have rural or urban roots.

For more information on the society or the fair itself, please visit www.lombardyfair.ca.