St. Luke’s Church Hall, Lyndhurst

With funds raised by local women at a number of social events, materials hauled in by wagon or sleigh, and designs inspired by medieval Christian architecture, St. Luke’s Anglican Church was built—mostly by hand—in 1882. With a soaring spire, elaborate ironwork, and fine stained glass windows, St. Luke’s Church is more than just a beautiful building. Along with its meeting hall and rectory, the church has been the centre of much of Lyndhurst’s spiritual and social life since the 1880s.

Historically, St. Luke’s Church was used solely as a house of worship, while the parish hall was built to host concerts and dinners, and the large brick rectory to house the Anglican priest, his family, and their many guests. The parish hall continues to play a dynamic role in the community. In the summer months, it is bustling with activity from the children’s camp on the waterfront.

Throughout the year, the hall hosts countless social and fundraising events, such as coffee houses, rummage sales, and church dinners.

The Lyndhurst Rejuvenation Committee will host the show at St. Luke’s Hall on Saturday September 29th at 7:30PM.

459 Lyndhurst Road, Lyndhurst, Ontario