Past Performers

Since 2014 many great performers have appeared on Small Halls stages. Check out the list!

The Abrams
Adam Puddington
Ainsley Phillips
Alex and Sean Price
Ali McCormick
Amanda Jordan
Anna Ludlow
Anna Sudac & Jesse MacMillan
April Verch
Ashley MacIsaac
Barbershop Therapy
Barney Bentall
Basia Bulat
Beth Tufts
Bill Connelly
Birds of Chicago
The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra
Box n Bow
Brad Scott
Brea Lawrenson
Brock Zeman
Campbell Woods
Cassie & Maggie
Change of Step
Chris Murphy
Christine Graves
Claire Hunter
Colter Wall
Corb Lund
Craig Cardiff
CR5 Bluegrass
Danny Albert
Dave Gunning
David Myles
Dean Batstone
The Denis Sisters
Devin Cuddy Band
The Donohue Enrights
Duelling Pianos
The East Pointers
Eddie Francis
Elliott Brood
Fiddlehead Soup
Fred Penner
Fortunate Ones
Gabrielle & Rachel Campbell
Gillian Kerr
Good Lovelies
Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
Grace Lachance
Great Lake Swimmers
Harrow Fair
Harry Manx
Hat Fitz & Cara
Henry Norwood
Ian Sherwood
James Keelaghan
Jenn Grant
Jeremy Fisher
Jessica Pearson & The East Wind
Jessica Wedden
Jim Bryson
Jimmy the Janitor
Jon Hynes
Julia Finnegan
Justin Rutledge
Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Sauve
Keegan Carr
Ken Whiteley & The Levy Sisters
Kelly Prescott
Kelly Sloan
Kevin Head
Kim Pollard
Kyle Ivan
The Lanark Fiddlers' Guild
Lee Harvey Osmond
Leif Vollebekk
Lindi Ortega
Logan Brown & Taylor Angus
Long Sault Trio
Lost for Words
Louis Schryer and Erin Leahy
Lucky Ron
MacIsaac & MacKenzie
Madison Galloway
Madison Violet
Matt Andersen
Matthew Byrne
Melwood Cutlery
Midnight Vesta
Mike Plume Band
Nellie Holmes and Bob Webb
NQ Arbuckle
Off the Grid
Old Man Luedecke
The Outside Track
Paddy Kelly
Peter Katz
Les Poules à Colin
Meaghan Blanchard
Mia Kelly
Miss Emily
Moore & McGregor
The Noisy Locomotive
The Once
Outside I'm a Giant
The Pairs
Pat Johnson
Pat Moore & Maple Hill
Peter Chess
The Redhill Valleys
The Rifle & The Writer
Rocky High & The Northern Lights
Rose Cousins
Rosie & The Riveters
Royal Wood
Ryan McNally
Seamus Cowan
Shawn Tavenier
Sheesham & Lotus and Son
Sherman Downey
Silent Winters
Slocan Ramblers
Solomon Woodland
Stephen Fearing
Steve Curtis
Steve Hill
Sultans of String
String Tease
Tall Boyz
Terry Tufts
Tom Savage
Tomato Tomato
Trevor Alguire
Turpins Trail
Vicki Brittle
The Weather Station
William Prince